Junkie x Judy & Jamie Kim
Visual Identity Campaign

✷ Visual Identity Development
✷ Creative Direction
✷ Production

Junkie Studio was approached by design duo, Judy and Jamie Kim to photograph their debut branding project for digi-physical tech brand.

Early on, Junkie Studio worked closely with Jamie and Judy to establish a visual world that aimed to depart from conventional stock-style imagery often associated with big tech brands of today. Instead, our aim was to intrigue a creative audience interested in new technology and online worlds.

Our approach was experimental, leaning towards a visual tone reminiscent of fashion brands rather than tech brands.

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Executive Creative Producers: Judy & Jamie Kim
Production Agency: Junkie Studio
Producer: Johan Kim
Creative Director: Mikie Jae, Jamie Kim
Photographer: Mary Chen
Art Director: Mikie Jae
Stylist: Rue Yi
Hair and Makeup: Alanna Fennell
Talent: Lee Nguyen